Google and other search engines have a set of criteria by which they judge websites to determine how useful they will be for people who are searching for specific phrases. These criteria change over time, but the basic foundation is value. Search engines will rank websites with valuable information more highly in their search results than websites that are just a list of products or have very little to offer in the way of content. Since the search engines use robots rather than humans to check each website for value and content, they are programmed with specific algorithms that will rate each website according to their current criteria. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of optimizing a website according to those criteria in order to give it the best chance of appearing on the first or second page of search results for specific search phrases. This is how one of the Top Digital marketing and SEO services in Essex will assist to align your website for this powerful search result.


While Google is constantly updating and changing the criteria it values in a website, there are certain basic aspects that are the foundation of SEO:

– Keywords and Key Phrases

These are the words and phrases that most people who would be interested in your website would type into the search engines. You will need to identify a few keywords and phrases that you can optimise your site for. You will want to choose keywords and phrases that a lot of people are searching for, but that are not used by too many of your competitors. Once you have chosen the best keywords and key phrases that will give you the best options for being found in the search engines, you will need to make sure that those words and phrases are used enough on your site to let the search engines know it has relevant information, but not so much that it could look like you are deliberately trying to affect your ranking.

It’s a tricky balance, and the reason for it is, when Google first started prioritising websites with relevant keywords and phrases, many webmasters tried to cheat the algorithm by filling their sites with those words and phrases – to the point where the content made no sense, but the site would still appear in the first results in a search for those words. This resulted in people who were looking for information and solutions ending up seeing only low quality and spam websites. For this reason, Google then adjusted its algorithms to be more sensitive to the percentage of content that contains a specific keyword; and it now penalizes websites with content that contains over a certain percentage of a keyword. Digital Marketing Essex will always ensure that its client has relevant keywords and phrases to influence ranking.

– Content

The most important point to bear in mind when you are optimising your website for the search engines is the reason the search engines have put these criteria in place. The ultimate goal from the search engine’s point of view is to provide the best answer to their visitor’s request. In other words, if a visitor types in the phrase “how to get rid of spiders” the search engine will want to give them the very best possible information available on how they can resolve their problem. Therefore, a website that contains a lot of information on spider infestations and methods of clearing the home of spiders will get a higher ranking than a website that is simply selling a bug spray.

When you are choosing what content to post on your website, consider the person who is looking for information related to your niche, and make sure that you give them as much information in the form of articles and blog posts as you can, regarding all aspects related to your niche as advised by your Local Essex Seo Services and Digital Marketing Agency . The value you provide on your site will be recognised by the search engines, and this will affect your ranking (the position your website holds in the search results).

 -Incoming Links

Another way in which search engines determine the value of a website is by the number of other websites that are linking to it. Now, when this aspect was first introduced, again it was abused by many webmasters who simply created a large number of websites and cross linked them to each other; they also organised link exchanges with other webmasters. This practice naturally led to a false result in searches. When a visitor searched for information on a topic, it would bring up low quality and spam websites that simply had lots of links deliberately created for the purpose of affecting their search engine ranking.

In response to this, Google adjusted their algorithm to actually penalise sites that have links with low quality sites, or that have too many links. The SEO practice now is to link your site with authority sites and other quality sites connected to the same niche or topic. The focus now is on quality rather than quantity.

-Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest have become increasingly influential in SEO. Search engines consider a site that is mentioned frequently in social media to be of more value than those that are not referred to as frequently. This means that you can significantly improve the search engine optimization of your website by increasing your social media activity. Sharing interesting, funny and helpful posts that link back to a blog post or article on your website will result in search engines recognising your website as valuable. The more those posts are shared by others, the higher the search engines will value your website, and the higher it will rank in their results. This is where your Best Essex Seo Services specialises in.

There is a lot more to effective SEO, but this information is a good place to get started. Your main focus should be:

1. Targeted keywords and key phrases
2. Valuable, helpful, genuine content
3. Sharing that content in social media in ways that make others want to share it with their friends

The criteria and conditions of the algorithms used by search engines change frequently, so it is wise to hire an expert who specialises in SEO and who will be up to date with the latest changes if you want to get your website linked within the first or second page of results on Google as the best digital marketing seo agency recommends. This is basically, how a site with an effective SEO can help generate more traffic to websites, which will yield to more visitors, thereby increasing your general sales. This is what Top  Essex Seo Services can do for you.